June 16, 2024

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5 Programming Languages Mobile App Developers Should Know

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Programming Languages

As we know, mobile phones and mobile apps are an integral part of our lives. So, what goes into the making of these apps? A programming language is a set of mnemonic codes and vocabulary for instructing a computer to accomplish specific tasks. Like humans understanding different languages native to their land, the computer understands programming language to deliver an output.

Programming languages are utilized to build mobile applications. These mobile applications are mainly based on three different categories:

  • Native apps: Apps used on a particular platform or device.
  • Web apps: Apps that run on a web browser.
  • Hybrid apps: Apps that can run on numerous platforms.

Different programming languages are used to develop different types of mobile applications. The IT industry nowadays looks forward to professionals having tremendous programming skills. To get selected into one of the top IT companies or become a coding wizard, one needs to be in touch with the trending programming languages. However, this article will review the most famous programming languages that you must know about:

5 Programming Languages Mobile App Developers Should Know:

1.      Java

Programming Language Java

Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language used to develop android apps, web pages, business applications, and games. It was invented by James Gosling at Sun microsystems in 1991. Originally the language was called ‘Oak’ and later ‘Green.’ This language has come down a long road since it turned 26 in 2022, and it is still evolving. It has been declared the most widely used language for Android App Development by many companies.

It is secure, robust, and platform-independent and can run on any machine with a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) app. This language and its syntax allow building apps that are protected, scalable and substantial. At first, it is a little complicated to learn as it uses methods, constructors, loops, and different types of procedures. But with practice, you can quickly get the knack for it.

2.      Kotlin

Another language used by android app developers is Kotlin. It was invented in February 2016 by JetBrains(a Czech company) because it required a more accessible tool than Java. Kotlin is an open-source language, is object-oriented, statically typed, and has functional attributes.

Such language can be considered easy to learn and is the latest language used in 2022 for faster and better programs. Kotlin has a more streamlined approach and constructive design than Java, which has better scalability. It removes the null pointer exception faced by Java and can quickly run on the Java Virtual Machine.

3.      Python

Python is a high-level programming language used for developing web applications designed by Guido Van Russum in 1991. Such language focuses on the readability of procedure and indentation. It can be used on OS like Linux/Unix, Windows, Android, and macOS.

It can be used to create various other programs, making Python a universal language. Its syntax is simple and identical to the English language and can be written with fewer lines compared to other languages. Qpython is a python engine used to run Python on mobile.


4.      Swift

Swift is an open-source, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. Such language is fastly growing and becoming the new favorite. It is mainly used for creating apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Swift is robust, safe to use, and easy to code. It surpasses other languages in terms of speed. It is around eight times faster than Python and six times faster than Objective C.

It’s a very coherent, type-safe language and very easy to code, unlike other languages. Such language is also quite interactive, implying it can work in an interactive platform, and you can watch the output when you are coding. This also means it is simple to catch coding errors at the coding stage itself.

5.      Dart

The newest language among all these is Dart, and in 2011 it was introduced by Google. It is an open-source, object-oriented, scalable language used to develop several web and mobile applications.  It has a syntax similar to the C language and is considered an alternative to JavaScript.

Dart is easy to comprehend and stable like JavaScript but faster than it. It became famous in 2017; since then, it has been gaining popularity, and now Google is working on formulating its interpreter. In the coming future, there will be vacancies in many IT corporations for dart programmers.

Final Words

There are apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Calendar, Facebook, WhatsApp, Contacts, and many more without which we cannot imagine our life. Mobile apps have become a requisite these days. So, learning the above-mentioned programming languages is beneficial for developing some incredible apps. Additionally, understanding these languages will improve your skills and assist you in becoming an expert in mobile app development.

However, the latest languages will not only uplift your career but also enhance your problem-solving skills and strengthen your abstract thinking. Your skill will make you a thriving programmer, and a competent coder is the need of the hour. So why wait? Go on and conquer the world of coding.

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