July 13, 2024

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Traveling to Scandinavia Without Going Broke: 3 Tips

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Determine Our Budget Ahead of Time

It’s wonderful to experience serendipity. However, it’s not the desirable method of saving money while traveling. We have discovered that we can stay within our budget when we indulge every now and then. Our trip to Scandinavia included camping for six days, which helped offset the more costly days. While camping isn’t for everyone, there are ways to reduce costs. For instance, we can stay in a hostel and then eat in a fine restaurant the next night. 

One effective strategy is booking Scandinavia tours from Canada, as these may offer group discounts and inclusive packages at reduced rates compared to planning each element separately. By opting for such an organized experience, you can experience stunning fjords, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage without feeling financially constrained!

Pace Ourselves

We’ve observed that the faster we travel, the more cash we spend. Combining several destinations over the span of a few minutes results in higher transportation costs. Another example is that flying could cost more than the bus. It is not uncommon to find hidden expenses when flying, like transportation to/from the airport and fees for checked luggage. If you travel at a slower pace, we can get an understanding of an area. 

We can experience the countryside when we travel across the land and collect knowledge of the cultural aspects. Therefore, we usually visit only two locations within a particular week.

Lodging: Location, Location, Location

Booking hotels requires time and research, but it pays off over the long term. We prefer accommodation that is centrally situated (so we can walk to at least some of the tourist attractions) but also close to a bus, tram, or subway station (just in case we have to take public transport). We also book hotels with free Wi-Fi because, with it, we can find nearby restaurants/attractions, grocery stores, etc. (see Tip #9).

There is an excellent variety of hotel booking platforms available. Many hotel reservations were made using Booking.com. The reason for this is that it’s global in the sense that it is possible to make and view all our reservations from one location. In the process of making reservations, we looked for hotels that fell within a specific price range and with Wi-Fi. Then, we separated the outcome by score. In the process of looking at the details, we also inspected whether Wi-Fi was included, as well as whether breakfast was included.

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