June 16, 2024

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Options Trading Strategies- Every Trader Should Know

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Options trading strategies

Options trading strategies

It is wise to be aware of the numerous Options Trading Strategies available to one because the stock market is becoming more difficult to manage daily. Today’s traders must realize that to maximize their profits from their trades; they must be aware of the many strategies used by the professionals rather than pounce on the first chance they see. By using these tactics, the risk may be reduced and rewards can be increased. Traders can discover how to benefit from any stock’s flexibility with only a small effort.

Options Trading Strategies that Seem to be Essential for Everyone

In actuality, some Options trading strategies exist, and all these option trading strategies are built to restrict the risk quotient while opening the door to endless gains.

  1. Covered Call

This is the ideal approach if you are concerned you may spend a lot of time focusing on the stock yourself. Having to sell your equities for less under the strike price is the single drawback in this situation.

Buying the underlying stock and immediately putting a call option on it is the only thing required. Investors will employ this method when holding a short-term investment in stock and having no particular opinion about its future direction.

  1. Married Put

This method is typically employed by investors who are concerned about suffering a significant loss on a stock. By using this approach, the investor is guaranteed to receive a basic price even if the stock value drops significantly.

The investor must also buy the corresponding amount of units of the option contract at the same time as the shares. The contract is priced at 100 shares, and the put option owner may sell those shares at the strike price.

  1. Bull Call Spread

Using this strategy, investors purchase stocks at a certain price and concurrently sell them for a bigger sum. In this method, the underlying asset plus both call options’ expiry dates will be the same.

An investor will employ this vertical technique if he believes the stock price will stay the same. Ultimately, the situation is good because the investor minimizes the asset’s upside potential while lowering the net premium outlay.

  1. Bear Put Spread

Investors will employ this technique when they believe that a stock’s price will drop in the coming years. To make a transaction, the investor will buy put options while also releasing put options at such a loss. The underlying stock and expiry date of both put possibilities will be the same. Losses and benefits are minimizing using this method.

  1. Protective Collar

This approach is for long-held stocks that are generating significant profits. Simply buying a put option that is out of the line and similarly purchasing a call option that is out of the money is all a trader requires. The disadvantage is that the trader may be required to sell the shares at a premium cost, and they might lose their opportunity to make large profits later.

  1. Long Straddle

When a trader buys both the call and also the put option during the same time, this tactic is use. The strike price and expiry date for each will be the same. Investors employ this method when they believe that the stock price is likely to remain in a zone but are uncertain of the movement’s orientation.

  1. Long Call Butterfly Spread

To use this approach, the investor will only need to have one stake in the same stock. The investor uses the call option to mix the bear spread with bull spread strategies. The underlying stock and expiry date for each option are the same.

  1. Iron Condor

Using this approach, the investor is forced to hold both a bull put spread and a bear call spread simultaneously. A second bull put extend is purchased at a lesser strike after the seller invests the first one, OTM. The investor simultaneously trades the OTM call option but also purchases a new call option with a higher strike.

  1. Iron Butterfly

A put option in the money will be sold by the trader, while a put option out of the money will be purchase. He will simultaneously sell an at-the-money call and purchase an out-of-the-money call option. The underlying asset and expiration date of each option will be the same. Although this method resembles a butterfly spread, it combines both kinds of possibilities.


Thus, using the right Options Trading Strategies can enable you to avoid potential losses and save 1000s, if not millions of dollars. However, the ability to precisely identify the most effective technique lies with the trader.

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