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Top 5 Educational apps for students and teachers

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Top 5 Educational apps

Top 5 Educational apps

At the turn of the 18th century, and before education was an expensive proposition, who would have thought that the world would one day move from traditional classrooms to virtual classrooms? Providing affordable academic programs that can be accessed from a computer.

Educational apps have dramatically changed the way students learn, and teachers teach. Now students can enroll in classes from the comfort of their homes, navigate classrooms on their phone screens, and use these apps to organize various educational-related activities. Students now do not need to travel to campus to study. These educational apps provide Assignment help to students to focus on learning.

Writing an essay is a very difficult task for some students. Moreover, some students do not know how to craft an essay which is why assignment help online exists.

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This blog lists the best free educational apps for students that students should explore to extend their learning from the comfort of their house.

Google Classroom

In the traditional classroom, students are constantly engaged in various activities, such as writing an essay that requires teacher grading. This can be hectic, so Google Classroom offers an easy solution. As one of the most popular free educational apps for students, teachers can use this app online to conduct lessons, conduct debates, assess, and grade essays.

A teacher can also use it to get feedback, share ideas, and use other educational materials and resources. Students can also get online assignment help on this app by sending personal messages to their teachers. Students can join Google Classroom by opening the link shared by their teacher. It is convenient to set up classes with this app. This app offers an improved communication experience and a faster rating system.

khan academy

Khan Academy is a very popular online learning library with courses ranging from math and statistics to psychology and languages. It was founded to spread knowledge and education with a learner-first ideology. This online education app aims to provide a free, first-class education to curious people worldwide. Like most learning libraries, their courses take the form of video lectures that display a recording of their drawings on a virtual whiteboard, much like a professor would deliver a lecture.

Students also get assignment writing services as this app provides study material to their students that they can use to write their assignments. Khan Academy also offers preparation courses for standardized tests such as the SAT and LSAT. This app does not only provide classes in a single language, but it has multiple language options.


The importance of the course programming and coding can never go out of trend. In an increasingly digital and virtual world, anyone who can handle these calculators is as good as a wizard. Solo Learn could provide assignment writing service to the students. Considered the starting point for most programming enthusiasts, Solo learn boasts his community of highly interactive programmers.

Sololearn has lots of tutorials on the latest technologies and frameworks with interactive features. It is considered one of the best educational apps because it has a top-notch collection of courses related to Python, Java, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and more.


Another name on this list of the best educational apps is Philomath. Mathematics is a mysterious subject for many students. The formula may be too complex or the concept too abstract. With Philomath, anyone can learn how to solve complex math problems. Click on an image of a question (which can be handwritten or printed), and the app will analyze the image and provide step-by-step video instructions on how to solve the question.

These explanations may include multiple ways to solve the same problem, interactive graphics, and animated explanations. A scientific calculator is also built-in, which works without the internet.


Arguably one of the most popular and best educational apps, Udemy has almost every video tutorial. From business and technology to self-development and yoga, if there is any activity, there is probably a course on Udemy. Udemy has prerecorded lectures that students can study according to their time. If students get stuck somewhere, they can ask questions in the discussion forums, and the instructors will help them. Many experts in various fields around the world publish courses on Udemy.

Learning is highly interactive, and Udemy encourages discussion at every stage of the learning process. As you can see, Udemy is one of the best educational apps. We have thousands of instructors with courses on hundreds of thousands of subjects.

Final Thought:

Although, the list of educational apps does not end here. But these are some best apps that students can consider when choosing.

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