June 16, 2024

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4 Steps to Create Your Logo with DesignEvo

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Every brand has its logo. And it is very important because it represents the brand, this company, and its culture. But, of course, your brand also needs a logo, and this logo represents you as a person. When others see this logo, they will think of you. But many people have a lot of good ideas in their heads but because they don’t know how to design graphics. Some people will put these good ideas aside or hire a designer at a high price, but they often fail to meet their requirements.

Therefore, the best way is to design your ideas by yourself. This post would recommend a free esports logos design tool today. Even if you don’t have any design foundation, you can still create your brand logo with the help of DesignEvo.

What is DesignEvo?

It is a powerful and free online logo maker that helps you create a good-looking, professional, and textured Logo in a matter of minutes.

Relying on the visual and intuitive interface and drag-and-drop operation, you can create a logo that meets your needs in a few minutes.

Killing features of DesignEvo

More than 10,000 well-made logo templates

DesignEvo has more than 10,000 logos. Compared to Wix Logo Maker, which has many templates, DesignEvo has the advantage that its logo quality is much better.

And all these massive templates are classified in a certain category, so you easily find your niche logo. Besides, with the built searching box, you can enter your keywords to find the logo templates in seconds so you can find the one you like among so many logos. Take Mobile as an example, if you want to build a mobile-related business, then you can find a lot of mobile logo templates to customize.

You can make your logo from scratch.

You can use DesignEvo’s editing layout to create your own logo from a blank canvas.

In addition to the built-in logo design template, it also has a large number of shapes, patterns, icons, and other elements, which can be edited and produced by yourself.

But this is certainly not a professional image editing software, and there is no way to make very delicate vector 3D Cartoon Animation. However, you can use DesignEvo’s editing tools to provide you with some inspiring ideas and create a unique logo.

DesignEvo supports multi-platform

DesignEvo has a web version of an online logo maker tool, but if you don’t like to open a web page to create a logo, it also has desktop version software for fear of being unsafe.

The desktop version of the software currently only supports Mac users, and the Windows software is coming soon.

Furthermore, there is also a DesignEvo app available for mobile phones in Android and iOS systems.

How to make your logo with DesignEvo?

Step 1: Go to the DesignEvo template page to start the design.

When you are on the homepage of DesignEvo, click to Make a Free Logo enter the DesignEvo template gallery.

Step 2: Select a well-suite logo template to customize

Pick the style you want according to the logo category you want.

What field does your brand logo belong to?

Choose from categories of logo templates.

You can enter keywords to search for your brand theme.

Step3: Customize the selected logo templates

Double click on the text to change the brand name. Other logo details can also be changed, like icons, colors, shapes, and backgrounds.

Step 4: Download & buy Logo

Preview: Logo can be previewed on different layouts

Download: You can export the logo to your computer with a Zip file.


After you have gone through the tutorial of DesignEvo, it is very simple to make your logo with this tool. DesignEvo’s logo templates are indeed very popular and are used by many people. The convenience and user-friendliness provided by DesignEvo make it a very convenient logo maker.

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