July 13, 2024

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8 Important Tips to Reduce Your Packers and Movers Charges

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8 Important Tips to Reduce Your Packers and Movers Charges

Moving your household items is a tough job. Today, many packers and movers are functioning in the market. However, they are charging incredibly high. So, it becomes extremely difficult to get the services of these movers.

The packers and movers charges are high in nearly every city. You may notice a little difference in the moving charges of different cities.

However, the charges of the moving services of packers and movers are extremely high. So, most people want to shift on their own.

They are stressed about the high movers and packers charges. So, the best thing would be to know about these rates before hiring any mover. Once you enquire about these rates, it will be easy for you to maintain your budget during the move.

However, still, these rates are too high for the common people. And this is the reason why they turn to DIY moving.

Luckily there are a few smart tips to cut your house shifting charges to a considerable extent. Here are a few strong tips to reduce your moving charges: –

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1. Decluttering the Items

Removing unnecessary items is important to reduce your moving charges. It takes a long time to declutter your items. However, there are many benefits of sorting out your items.

Once you declutter your items, you are left with the important items only. This provides you peace as you don’t need to take unnecessary items with you.

Many new movers are not aware of getting rid of their unimportant items. So, they end up spending too much on their move. Sometimes, they have to spend more than their budget. These situations provide them distress.

They end up with a little money in the end which is of no use to them. So, the very first step during your move is to declutter your items. This will help you in maintaining your budget.

It will also save you from loading unnecessary items in the truck and making your consignment heavier.

2. Disconnection of Your Utility Services

If you have enough time, then you should consider disconnecting your utilities before the mover. There are many utilities you need to disconnect before moving to the new home.

Some of them are internet, dish, gas, electricity, newspaper, DTH, etc. Make sure to disconnect them as early as possible. This will save you from spending too much on their move.

Many people wait until the last minute for the disconnection of their utilities. This increases their packers and movers charges which make them sad.

3. Preparing A Budget for Your Move

We make a budget for everything we do. So, you must make your budget for your move too. Well, you don’t know beforehand about the challenges during the move.

So, it would be better if you make a budget before the move. If you don’t set a budget, you will have to pay high packers and movers rates. Also, you should be careful of any extra expenses. This will help you in staying within your budget.

You can research a company to get affordable moving services from them. Also, you can negotiate with the movers. All this will help you in staying within your budget.

It is advisable to make a budget for all types of relocations. You should know the house shifting rates of your movers first. After that, you can think of reducing these prices.

You will be much relieved if you get moving services at a lower cost. So, you should always make efforts in lowering your packers and movers estimated cost.

4. Collect Moving Supplies Yourself

Getting affordable moving services is easy if you collect packing supplies on your own. The packing materials are very expensive. These materials are very costly and they make your move too high.

The professional packers and movers use their packing materials. These packing supplies are qualitative but they are expensive too.

So, the best option is to collect packing materials on your own. You can also pack your items yourself with durable packing materials. Make sure to arrange free cartons from the grocery and liquor stores in your locality.

You can also search for these boxes from your relatives and your friends. There are many household materials that you can use to pack your items.

Some of them include small blankets, newspapers, old towels, etc. You can use these items for the perfect cushioning of your items.

When you do this, you don’t have to pay the hefty packers and movers charges to your mover.

5. Compare the Movers

Comparing multiple packers and movers is important as that can help you get affordable moving services. So, the best thing would be to compare the services and the charges of these movers.

This way you can easily choose the best company that fits your moving budget. You can consider numerous parameters to compare the movers.

Make sure to choose 2 or 3 movers to get their quotes. Visit their website and know about the services they are offering to you. Also, know about their charges.

After checking their services and prices, you can proceed to check their online reviews. There are many reviews on the internet for these companies.

If a particular moving company has more positive reviews, then you can count on it. Once you are satisfied with its reviews, go on to choose that company.

6. Dismantling the Appliances

Dismantling your electrical appliances is also a good way to cut your moving costs. The packers and movers offer disassembling as an additional service to the customers. They also charge you extra for disassembling your appliances.

So, it would be best if you dismantle all these appliances on your own. There are numerous electrical appliances you can dismantle such as home theaters, refrigerators, ACs, music systems, etc.

But if you are not aware of the dismantling process, you have no option but to avail the dismantling services of the movers.

7. Choose the Right Relocation Date

You need to choose the correct date for your relocation. If you don’t fix your moving date, your movers can increase extra charges for your move.

So, you need to finalize a single date to avoid extra packers and movers charges. You can discuss with your friends and family about finalizing your date.

It would also be best if you discuss your moving date with your packers and movers. But you have to consider the season and time if you want to save some money.

The packers and movers charges are less on the weekends but high on the weekdays. Most people move on the weekends as the movers charge less on these days.

8. Plan A Relocation Strategy

Planning your move carefully is one of the best ways to cut your shifting costs. Planning your move includes deciding your moving date, making the inventory, and setting your deadlines. This will go a long way in reducing your packers and movers charges.

The sooner you plan your move, the more money you will be able to save. When you have enough time, you can manage to save your moving costs. Also, if you hire your movers early, you will get the best discounts from them.

It is important to grab the best deal. However, you need more time to search for such discounts.


There are several other ways to cut your packers and movers charges. You should look for the best ways to cut the moving costs of your movers.

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