April 22, 2024

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Kids Enjoy A Lot With Big B At KBC Show

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This article is about a special day of kids with Amitab Bachchan. They makes a lot of fun with BigB at kbc company
KBC Show

KBC Show

Reality television is a type of television program that typically shows unscripted dramatic or funny situations, documents actual events, and usually features regular people rather than trained actors, sometimes in competition or other circumstances in which a prize is awarded. KBC Show is the best reality comedy and knowledgeable show.

Shows in reality television are called reality shows that are often produced as soap operas. People are either engaged in competition with each other or in an awkward situation or spying on them in their daily life. Reality TV is a buzzword today. Watching reality shows has become our favourite pastime and a source of fun and enjoyment. It’s a real show cast with real people, not with actors.

KBC Show Broadcasting

Although the term reality TV is mainly used for categories of programs that have arisen since the year 2000, the history of reality TV shows goes back further than we think. Television has been depicting people’s lives through dating shows, contests, and pranks for a very long time. It has a great history that most people did not know given the modern reality TV and its boom in popularity in recent years. The reality television show started in 1948, Hidden Camera by producer and host Alain Fant, in which unsuspecting people are dropped into funny and unusual situations filmed with hidden cameras, and was first broadcast in 1948. The show is seen as a prototype of reality television.

Amitabh Bachchan has a childish personality, but it angers him when the little munchkins shoot him in the back with questions. While filming for KBC Show, I thought I was going to work normally, but it turned out to be a completely different day. Very funny, but very confusing.

First Period of Game

When Amitabh Bachchan told them about KBC Show first period, are the lessons going on? So the first period of the game begins). From the fastest finger, are you ready? (Someone who doubts, who wants to say something)? “

Funny question

Immediately some children raised their hands and bombarded him with some funny questions and doubts. I asked one of the girls what would happen if she answered all the questions wrong. This was a special episode of Children’s Day at KBC Show, and Amitabh was definitely in the mood for childish fun, no matter how confused and confused he was at the end of the show. Kaun Banega Crorepati’s final episode kicked off when she left her young girlfriend Vanshi Chauhan in the hot seat in her previous episode.

The Game Started with Vanshi Chauhan

KBC Show started with a fresh Vanshi Chauhan, just like in the last episode the Time’s Up Hooter game stopped the moment he sat in his hot seat. selected the line. To stay safe and not take risks, she chooses her second and third lifelines in her next two questions and chooses the fourth lifeline itself. did. Previously, she chose to invert the question. A question based on geometry and to answer the question given after inversion, Vanchi chose her 50-50 lifeline to answer. Post-flop questions were based on current affairs.

She Showed Everyone her Supernatural Powers

The match continued as Vinci had one last lifeline. She passed the first stage of the game. In the post, she showed everyone her supernatural powers, using her senses of touch and smell to understand things and to read and identify the colours and shapes of things. After she was blindfolded by Big B, she read the entire book, leaving both Big B and the audience dumbfounded. Big B is so impressed with this activity that he is collecting information from Vanshi’s father.
As the game progressed, Fanci took advantage of her last lifeline and asked an expert for the seventh question. It was in history. She passed only one question and decided to finish the match in the ninth question, thus obtaining 80 thousand points.

Aradi Gupta Headed to the Hot Seat

After a quick triple finger test, Aradi Gupta headed to the hot seat and walked towards the hot seat. While performing the famous Shakti Kapoor steps from the hit movie Andaz Apna Apna’s ‘Dhak ki tiki’. Amitabh Bachchan liked his style so much that he also tried it before he sat down.

Araday Wanted to Watch Superpowers

Big B asks Araday about the steps and reveals that they are the steps of his family celebration. Big B was so amused by his steps that he asked to do it again. Araday wanted to watch superpowers like Anil Kapoor in Mr India in KBC Show. Explaining how easy falling asleep during online classes was and how it helps offline classes, this swears by Amitabh Bachchan.

The game progressed and Ardhay picked the audience’s vote for the first lifeline, the sixth question.
Aradhay and Large B were additionally significantly impacted by the way that vegetables like “lauki, tinde, kadu and so forth” are dull and not worth eating. Amitabh Bachchan also expressed his disgust with the same, referring to a childhood event. Where he was punished for not getting up until he finished his meal. For this reason, Big B sat for 3-4 hours, but could not eat, and since then he hates such dishes.

Making Jokes

In addition, Aladay, his brother and his mother make jokes about whether or not they make their favourite food. Big B mentioned that the show’s name will be “Poll Khol” due to the change in the KBC Show theme.
The time game has gone up and the game is paused after the sixth question, but it will continue into the next episode.

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