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The 12 Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore, Pakistan

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Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore

Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore

High-end food is growing, and paying from small portions to substantial money constantly expands. Interestingly, Lahore is still all about Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore. From sharing your home’s #1 delicious steak to relaxing on a charpai and sipping a Perry Valley Lacy, Lahore brings many food resources to the table.

In any case, the essence of Lahori cuisine is black, spicy and all things desi. Right off the bat, here’s a massive list of the Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore have to offer everyone!

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Muhammad Nahari’s house

Mohammadi Nahari House is for you if you are a true Nahari lover. Fortunately, this place won my list of the Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore. Because it serves the best hot, finger-licking-delicious breakfast. The best thing is that the taste does not change for long.

Besides, they follow Mutton Nahari, Fee Nahari and Camel Nahari. Let me try camel lunch! My favourite hamburger is Nahari with a freshly made soft bun. Currently, you can visit Mohammadi Nahri House in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Murree.

Warsi Nahari

First of all, slow-cooked meat in a rich curry is all you need to fix your mental state. Also, Waris Nahari works as required in Old Lahore. Surprisingly, people from different backgrounds line up to enjoy it, and everyone loves it.

Also, the price of each dish is reasonable, and the atmosphere is definitely ‘Daba style’. The variations from basic Nahari to ghee, Nahari and turkey are exciting. Haven’t you tried it yet? Waris Nahari should be your next stop for a delicious desi feast.

Butt Karahi

To be a true Lahori, Karahi is a dish you cannot miss. Especially noteworthy is the famous shoe store. In addition, you will be addicted to the delicious taste in no time. Spicy tomato slices and marinated chicken are heavenly when paired with fresh warm naan and paratha. However, these Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore offer other desi dishes. Be sure to try them too.

Spice Bazaar

Masala Bazaar is a great place to eat if you’re not into the ‘Dubai’ side of street food. Zest Bazaar is another Beom (the Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore). Still, Spice Bazaar never disappointed its customers. Coffee offers everything Desi. From Mutton Kuna to Khoya Beef Kabab, Chicken Reshmi Kabab and the delicious Peshawari Chappal Kabab, And so on, they have. I give Fresh Desi a 9/10 in experience.

Nisbat Road Key Goal Gappay

Have you ever had a goal? Golgapai is small fried puff balls that hold yoghurt, hash and various sauces together. You dip these balls in the student’s water, and the good comes into your mouth. Yum! For a truly decadent Gol Gappa experience, head to Phila in Lahore’s Lakshmi Chowk and partake in many plates.

Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan Restaurant was started many years ago by Rahimuddin (deceased). All in all, Bundu Khan consolidated his rule and was a veteran throughout the country. They serve various desi food, from delicious BBQ, fried fish, kara yeh, harissa, and kebabs. Bar-B-Que is their forte. Be sure to try Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore when you visit.

Siddique (Model Town)

An authentic street experience turned open-air eatery, Siddique is one of a kind that no one can pass up. As they serve different types of desi food, I may show the appearance of kebabs. In fact! See Cabbage. Want to know what’s so special about them? The cook cooks steamed cabbage well and then cuts it into small pieces. They are served on a plate, and you share the chopped cabbage with two different chutneys and fresh paratha. This place is perfect, and the experience is fantastic. Also, serve the special toti care in a clay pot after your main course.

Monal Lahore

Monal Cafe is famous in Islamabad because it is located in the hills of Margali. While First Monal offers heavenly food, the view is a plus and makes the overall experience 10/10. Monal had to come to a food centre called Lahore as his curiosity grew. Unsurprisingly, Monal Lahore has received a trip advisor excellence Award. Break it!

Dinner at Monal Cafe is fantastic, but the best is their desi breakfast. They offer a wide range of desi dishes. From breakfast to money, from bra to purse, if you are in a desi mood and appreciate their smorgasbord.

Haveli Restaurant

This dish has a rating of 4.5 and comes with a view. What more could you ask for the Best Desi Food Restaurants in Lahore? You can visit the magnificent Badshahi Mosque and dine in style during the day. Their primary foods include ghee and chicken curry. The support is also exceptional. Want a complete package? Visit the Havelin and enjoy unspoiled Lahore.

Bashir Darul Mahi

Are you a fan of the bottom of the sea? Bashir Darul Uloom is the place to go. They are available at Hussaini Chowk as well as MM Alam. Gourmet experts cook the best hard seafood and spicy fish. Gourmet chefs work 18 hours daily to wash, catch and serve the best fish in the area.

Zakir Tikka Restaurant

Zakir Tikka is another roadside cafe that has made a name for itself over the years, the quality of the food has lost a bit, but the fresh garlic naan, kalonji naan and sada naan are still on the money.

Bhaye Ke Kabab

How should our kebab explosion be complete without Bahai? These steamy kebabs are worth the drive to show you around town.

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