June 19, 2024

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The Best Kids Kurta Designs for This Summer

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kids kurta

Eid celebrations, weddings, formal family gatherings, and other traditional events are an apparent part of our life, and they are as important as the way we dress.

Festivals hold a great worth or significance in Indian and Pakistani culture. The celebration does not entirely start from decorating the house and showcasing the jutting aspects of the respective cultures by celebrating them orderly; however, it also includes dressing or getting ‘dolled-up for the main event, which is as crucial as preparing special meals for the big day.

It is much needed to take a break from your go-to dress code of wearing sweatshirts, jeans, or ragged t-shirts to wearing an occasion-worthy outfit like Shalwar Kameez or kids Kurta Pajama to make you feel good and different for a day.

If you have an event coming up already and you have not made up your mind nor decided to wear anything yet, you do not need to search further up! Our many different options will help you decide what to wear on your upcoming special occasion or a festival that will make you comfortable.

Libas e Jamilia’s New Kids Kurta and Shalwar Kameez Collection

As weird it is to say, there is no great Kids Kurta collection in the stores as we talk. Plain designs, mediocre fabric, and no wide range in colours are common to see when shopping for your Boys Shalwar Kameez. And we know how often disappointing that is! And here is why Libas e Jamilia takes pride in introducing a very diverse variety of kids Kurta Pajama with bright or nude colour shades, classical designs, and comfortable material that will compliment your kid and would be a suitable pick for many festive occasions.

You can also choose from stitched or unstitched category. But if you have an event coming up in a week, we have a variety of designs with bold color choices for you to pick for your kid.

All you need to do is invest a couple of minutes from your day and visit our site, select the kids Kurta Collection category, and pick the suitable dress for your kid to wear at this upcoming event.

For anyone who is willing to buy a rather different style for a young boy, we welcome you to our online store!

The Best Boys Kurta and Shalwar Kameez for Your Kid to Wear

Libas e Jamilia has launched its first-ever Boys Kurta Collection where you can get a variety of options to choose from. Each item is different from the other in terms of designs and colours’ however, every single piece of them is made with great dedication and hard work, and of great quality. Like we say, we never compromise with our quality!

boys kurta

If your boy prefers simple, plain, and classic yet elegant style Shalwar Kameez, this beautiful cool-toned will make a perfect fit for your son. Made with soft cotton fabric which is the best pick to wear in summer heats and hot spring days. The sleeves, neck, and pockets are crafted with embellishments with the addition of fancy round buttons.

kids kurta

This beautiful Boy’s Shalwar Kameez is little on the bold side because of its colour. However, it is a perfect colour for your son to wear if he likes bright colours. The material is soft cotton which makes it a perfect outfit for hot sunny days and festive occasions.

boys shalwar kameez

Black. It is the very way to define this elegant piece from our collection. Almost everyone prefers to wear black in formal gatherings, and even kids enjoy this particular colour. Fine work done on the sleeves, pockets, and collars makes it the best pick of your Boy’s Kurta Collection, and not to mention the colour which itself attracts most of our small clients. Paired with black sandal shoes or Khussa will finish this look.

Beautiful shade of blue Kids Kurta

This beautiful shade of blue gives the hot summer vibes. This cool tone of sky blue evokes a refreshing feeling because it sometimes reminds us of cool things like cold water and ice. This kids Kurta Shalwar is crafted with soft cotton fabric, with the addition of embellishments on the collars, neck, sleeves, and pockets. This particular dress can be worn in formal gatherings or a festive like Holi, Eid, or Diwali.

kids kurta

Another article from our Boy’s Shalwar Kameez section! This is the best pick for your son if he enjoys dressing smartly and showcase his futuristic dressing style. This oxford blue color embellished with red on the neck and collars gives royal vibes and makes it a perfect wear for family gatherings.

kids kurta

Turquoise Boys Shalwar Kameez

This Turquoise Shalwar Kameez is among the second bold-colored item in our collection. As the summer is around the corner, we think adding a few cool-toned dresses in our Boy’s Kurta section will be a perfect deal. The color makes it feel cool to the eyes and factually, the material is the softest cotton that you have ever felt. Added buttons on the neck, collars, and sleeves and the perfectly reasonable price makes this particular Boy’s Kurta to sell faster. This kurta design is a smart option for your child if he likes to experiment with something new and wants to look rather different. Black leather shoes or brown sandals will go just right with this kind of clothing.

boys shalwar kameez


Here you have a brief description of every product that we have in our Boy’s Kurta Collection. For more details on sizes, we suggest visiting our site for an insight. But as a matter of fact, we sell clothes in the sizes mentioned according to the age of the children. But you do not need to scare away from this piece of information because we assure our clients that there will be no fitting issues in the near future.

As we said, it is up to you to add stitched or unstitched dresses from our collection to your cart. We are very much delighted to sell you our best pick of your choice and nothing excites us more to give you a wonderful experience.

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