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Top Eight Vertagear Gaming Chairs

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The Gaming Chair company Vertagear was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Los Angeles. They make premium gaming chairs in two classes. Vertagear S-Line chairs are for average-sized people. P-Line chairs are for big and tall users. We will delve into detail about the two classes and discuss the Trigger series by Vertagear. We will look at Vertagear’s entire line of gaming chairs to give our overall review. It is one of the oldest gaming chair brands. They have a good reputation in the esports industry, with a concrete list of partnerships. At present, Vertagear sponsors several pro and college, esports teams. It does provide the best settings for apex legends. They also support many esports events, such as the annual Capcom Cup, thus they build a great hold in the gaming industry. Just as having the best graphics settings for apex legends is essential similarly good equipment is important. Get in touch with PC Magazine today if you are having trouble How to fix lag in apex legends.

Basically, Vertagear’s S-Line chairs are consumer-class, while P-Line chairs are pro-class. S-Line chairs have smaller dimensions and less adjustable features and go well with people of short stature while P-Line chairs are large, luxurious, and more expensive and go well with taller people. Most gaming chairs of Vertagear come with some basic features, starting with a height-adjustable seat. All models also come with recline, rocking, and armrest adjustment functions to give the customer the best gaming experience. Vertagear chairs come with rocking, recline, and armrest adjustment functionality to give support to your back, and let you enjoy countless hours of game in total comfort. The P-Line chairs are bigger. All models come with a multifunction tilt-lock mechanism. Which helps you control the angle of the seat. When you want to switch up your back muscles in use, angle the seat up a few degrees and lock it into place. This simple dynamic sitting technique allows you to play your favorite games for several hours at stretch.

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Here are the top eight gaming chairs of Vertagear:

1)Vertagear SL2000:

This Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 is one of the most popular products in the series. It has the widest backrest out of all other S-Line models. You can lean back comfortably without the tapered edges that do not hug your body as much as the other models tend to do. Hence gives you a more relaxed and less restrictive experience. This model of the S-Line series is also the cheapest Vertagear gaming chair. It has the same attributes as the other chairs but differs in stripped-down 2D armrests. You can adjust up and down at ease and move around easily across the room in a forwarding or backward direction. With the other models that have 4D armrests, you can also adjust the angles and move side to side. This is the only chair in the Vertagear product line with basic 2D armrests. All other models have either 3D or 4D adjustable versions. Otherwise, the SL2000 has the same common features as other chairs.

2)The Vertagear SL4000:

This is more of a stockier version of the SL2000. It is the smallest chair in this S-Line series. The backrest is narrow and designed to keep your back and shoulders locked into good posture and makes sure you feel comfortable even after playing your favorite games for countless hours. Conversely, the seat tapers help you into a wider position. It does provide the best settings for apex legends. Thus, your back locks in place while your legs have enough room to move around freely without any restriction. SL4000 is the smallest chair in this group and has the smallest seat dimensions and supports the least amount of weight. This model is a good option for kids or adults of smaller stature.

3)The Vertagear SL5000:

This is the most expensive model in the S-Line. It is a roomy, spacious chair with a seat that is wider than all other chairs in this series. If you lean towards the larger side, this is one of the best S-Line models. This chair can hold the heaviest and most taller gamers. This is the flagship chair of the product line and the one most preferred by pros. It ranks highly on our 2020 list of best pro esports chairs. It has the same quality features as most other Vertagear chairs, with the most versatile gaming dimensions.

4)Vertagear PL4500:

This model of Vertagear is made for heavy-duty so that it can withstand up to 400 pounds and when people sit for long hours of playing games things can get sweaty and sticky. To counter that, the PL4500 pads high-quality coffee fibers into the seat and backrest. This adds odor control plus a quick-dry formula for better comfort for the gamer to sit on. This model of Vertagear also uses embroidery like a silver thread to disrupt the ability of bacteria to form chemical bonds, because whenever the bacteria will touch the silver, it will disintegrate. It does provide the best settings for apex legends. It comes with a taller backrest than the SL5000 model but has the same capacity to hold weight. This is amazing for large users.

5)The PL6000:

This is a super heavyweight chair supporting up to 440 pounds. It lacks the anti-bacterial properties that the other models possess to fight off bacteria by using silver thread. Instead, you get a super-sturdy chair that supports the biggest and tallest users. Last year, Vertagear had this model rated to support 400 pounds. This year, they have trimmed that rating down to 350 pounds. It is a comfortable chair for anyone to fit in easily and enjoy countless hours of gaming with no fuss.

6)Triigger 350 SE:

High-Quality DuPont TPEEE elastomer divides your pressure throughout the chair in an even manner and supports your body in a better way. DuPont TPEEE Elastomer keeps the retention and prolongs the lifecycle of the mesh. Using the armrest control triggers, easily adjust, and tilt the height and angle of the seat. Lock in seat position according to your preference—simply and quickly. Luxury materials highlight the quality and longevity of the line of Triigger chairs. Highly breathable mesh cushion and smooth calfskin leather deliver maximum comfort. Just as having the best graphics settings for apex legends is essential similarly good equipment is important. Get in touch with us today if you are having trouble How to fix lag in apex legends.

7) Triigger 275:

The Triigger comes with the 275, 350, and 350 Special Edition models. Thoughtful Ergonomics and Design built with a sophisticated structure helps to keep your gaming chair durable as it is elegantly concealed with seamless design. Combining design with innovation brings lasting comfort and support for gamers who play games for seven to eight hours a day.

8) Triigger 350 Black:

The Gaming Series is the most ergonomic product line of the Vertagear gaming chair family. This feature 350’s individual components are meticulously assembled to construct the most ergonomic, flexible chair in the gaming chair industry. It does provide the best settings for apex legends. From top-of-the-line material quality to groundbreaking features this is a beast of a chair for gamers. Just as having the best graphics settings for apex legends is essential similarly good equipment is important. Get in touch with us today if you are having trouble How to fix lag in apex legends.

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