July 13, 2024

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Why Is Paper Packaging Becoming Trendy in Business World?

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Paper Boxes

Paper Boxes

The world of business is not small. There are unlimited business companies around the globe. Each company provides its special services to the customers. Let me ask a question, don’t you think that whatever type of business a company is running, the packaging is the demand of each company? Go anywhere in the world, restaurants, shops, offices, sim companies, electronics, hardware, food, cosmetics, in short, each company needs to pack their goods.

But the question is still there, why paper packaging is popular? To get the answer you have to study further.

Paper packaging vs plastic packaging

There is no doubt that plastic packaging is strong, provides transparency, is resistant to corrosion, and is also highly waterproof. But regardless of so many benefits, why plastic packaging is losing its worth? Maybe you already know the answer, plastic packaging is not easy to dispose of. Its shelf life is hundreds of years. Now a day, the seas, rivers, and oceans are flooded with plastic waste. They are dangerous for sea life, leading to the extinction of many sea animals. But not only the sea, but they are also harmful to the land too. Plastic doesn’t decompose, therefore it keeps on occupying a major portion of land. In this way, it is harmful to land as well as the sea.

Paper Boxes

Paper box on the other hand is made of biodegradable materials which are easy to decompose. Moreover, the disposal of paper is also easy. It doesn’t keep landing on the earth. So, it is not harmful to the environment and adds no pollution to the environment. If we compare the benefits of plastic with paper, then the paper is also strong enough to protect items inside it, it can also provide transparency through window cuts, latest waterproof glossy techniques make it waterproof too. The glue used for paper boxes is also water-soluble. That’s why it is trendy.

To know more about the reasons for the popularity of paper packaging, consider the following important features of paper in packaging.

Customization opportunities

There are many ways to customize paper boxes per preferences. One can get them in any shape, size, and also style. You just need to consult with the experts for this purpose. You can customize these boxes according to the type of product you want to pack. There are different boxes for food products like cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and cakes, as well as other products like cosmetics, jewelry, and many other products. These boxes can be molded according to the shape and size you want. We already discussed one thing that glossy technique can make waterproof packaging let’s discuss some other customization options.

Printing and coloring

Paper is normally brown which is also adorable. But, if you want to be creative with the packaging latest printing and coloring techniques like CMYK and PMS can help you. These techniques give you Custom Printed Paper Boxes of vibrant or nude colors. These boxes enhance the visual appeal of your products.

Handles and inserts

To make the packaging of your goods very friendly, comfortable, and unique, add a handle on top of it. It is essential for the safety of delicate items like cupcakes, pastries, or other items of such type because if you accidentally apply pressure on top of the box then you’ll crush your pastry or cake. Furthermore, a handle looks kind of cute, especially for bakery products.

The handle is on the top of the box and inserts are on the inside bottom of the box. These inserts look professional and hold products for safety.

Paper Boxes

Window cut          

We all know that paper is not transparent. But do you know that we can make it transparent by adding a window cut? In addition to providing transparency, this window cut can also add charm to packaging if you cut this window in attractive shapes like heart, butterfly, circle, square, or some other unique shapes per your choice.

Promotion of business

Many companies present their goods in custom-printed paper boxes printed with their brand name, logo, address, contact, social media links, and also the complete details products. This kind of product packaging is a seed of promotion. Without these details, nobody can reach you. If you don’t want that your business remains hidden, then get this kind of packaging quickly. Promote your business with these boxes on different social media sites to give hype to the business.

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Diversity in paper packaging

People usually get bored of one specific kind of packaging, therefore Paper packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide diversity in the packaging market. Little details of different paper boxes are as follows:

Paper Gable boxes

These boxes have built-in handles for easiness. One can add window cuts, do color prints, and also add coatings to make them more stylish.

Cube paper packaging

This is just a normal square box, but it is very useful as it can hold almost every type of product.

Pillow paper boxes

These boxes are in the shape of folded cartons or normal house pillows. They seem creative and hold many products like soap, cosmetics, food items, etc.

Rigid paper boxes

Rigid paper is strong and holds heavy items. One can add lamination, foiling, coating, embossing, and printing techniques to make professional rigid boxes for branding.

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