April 24, 2024

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The Ancient and Gorgeous Art of Mehndi

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The most common type of body art widely famous in the subcontinental part of Asia is mehndi. You can find multiple types of styles to apply it all over the internet. Sometimes it seems very difficult to choose which mehndi design to have when you have tons of options. I have narrowed down for you some of my favorite mehndi designs you will probably like too. To keep me updated with what is new and trending I often visit Libas e Jamila. It is a website that provides you with extensive blogs on mehndi. It is the most popular place in all my circle. I recommend you to check this too it will be a great help in what you are searching for!


Mehndi design simple must be in the search bar of every girl’s search result who is going to attend a traditional event. If you are running out of time and want something light then simple mehndi designs are for you. I have already mentioned where you can find those. I am also going to show you such a design so continue on reading. You are going to be relieved.


Even if you ask a little girl about “what is henna or mehndi?” you can get surprisingly very long answers. In traditional houses, it is a custom, and every woman tends to love simple mehndi design it. They tend to cherish it and like to start celebrations with it. Little girls get very excited over the application of it and stay up late at night to get it done. Then at the main event, they further decorate their hands with beautiful multi-coloured Bengals. Any occasion can become lit and memorable by all these things.

The design to conquer any occasion

I am a big fan of this design. If you ask me it is especially for brides. It is good for enhancing the artistic value of this art more. So, mehndi can not only be implemented on the hands but feet too. Firstly, on the main foot, it has a big circular flower and some gorgeous patterns around it. Then we have the same semi-circular flower on the leg. There are circles around the nails too. When you will apply great nail paint contrasting your dress, it will stand out. This festive season is the best time to try this design.


The bride is not complete without henna. Depending on the design it can take up to many hours to apply. If you are a bride, I recommend you to get your henna done one day before the function. So, you can save your time and you will also have more time to dry it and get dark colours. Another trick is to apply balm after scraping the crust off. It will penetrate the colour into the skin. You also have the choice of going to the salon or calling someone at home who knows how to make the patterns you are looking for. The part of its application is very soothing and relaxing.

More than just patterns

Mostly women laden easy mehndi design pastes on their hands and feet on the occasion of weddings, eid, and Diwali, etc. This thing can never go out of style. No matter the time if it is a desi wedding, mehndi is a must. You cannot deny its importance in traditional functions. When it comes to weddings in Pakistan and India a whole event is dedicated to mehndi. Many happy and sweet memories of people are associated with this feast. Can you think of this extremely entertaining thing that can make you look extremely gorgeous to be helpful? Yes, it is a great help in relieving stress and anxiety because of its cooling effects. 


Different styles of mehndi are Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, etc. There are dozens of ways to apply it. It also depends on the outfit you are going to wear. You can choose accordingly. The great style of mehndi is enough to rock any event. You can have mehndi on even if you are going for something western. The positive vibes you get from it can release any of your tension. If you want to stay connected with your roots then the way to go for you. You have a chance to do it!

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