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How to Decorate Your Bathroom In Less Than $100

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How to Decorate Your Bathroom In Less Than $100

How to Decorate Your Bathroom In Less Than $100

There is no shadow of a doubt that bathroom remodeling is really costly. But it doesn’t mean that you should go for costly settings to style your bathroom. Moreover, there is a myth about modern bathroom vanities as they are way costly. So, we came up with an idea to shortlist some cheaper options to style your bathroom. Just relax and read the article till last to choose chic and stylish accessories for less than $100. In addition, we are on a mission to make trendy, durable, fancy, and cool bathroom accessories accessible to everyone. These chic and affordable bathroom decorating ideas are all you need to know. So, let’s dive below;

List Of Content:

1.    Small Stool/Table In Bathroom

2.    Style An Indoor Plant/Floral Vase

3.    Place A Trendy Rug

4.    Eye-Catchy Hardware details

5.    Hang a Fancy Light

6.    Style A Classy Ladder

7.    Install An Open Shelf

8.    Upgrade Your Waste Basket

9.    Buying Modern Bathroom Vanities

1- Small Stool/Table In Bathroom:

You must have a hard time keeping your essentials during the shower. So, we have got you a trendy solution. Thus, spice up your bathroom space with a trendy metallic or wooden sleek table or stool. This will make your bathroom space look so luxurious. Moreover, it is perfect to hold your magazines, books, coffee mugs, a glass of drink. Some other bathroom and shower essentials. You can Serena & Lily store to buy Teak Stool In $78

2- Style An Indoor Plant/Floral Vase:

Styling your bathroom is more fun now. You can turn your bathroom space into a more refreshing and natural way. So, there is an idea of Adding Fresh Green Plants and Floral Vases. You can place the tree in a corner to lift the essence of the whole bathroom. Moreover, it truly brings more vibrant and lively vibes during the shower.

You can check Costa Farms Majesty Palm Grower Pot for $33.

3- Place A Trendy Rug:

If you want to add warmth and grace to your bathroom floor. So, you can look at the idea of adding high-quality area rugs. This not only enhances bathroom floor texture. But gives a very compact look in whole. Moreover, there are many colors, materials, patterns, sizes, and designs of floor rugs on the market. You can also add a bathroom mat too. Thus, check the West Elm Half Moon Bath Mats for $40. The most affordable yet trendy rug buying option.

4- Eye-Catchy Hardware details:

A little extra storage essential or space in your bathroom is always beneficial. So, you can keep all your secret bathroom essentials in it. Moreover, eye-catchy hardware just adds the finest details to your bathroom. Like the stylish faucet, hand pulls, vintage brass showers, and taps make the whole bathroom look so luxurious. Moreover, you can also use a trendy essential tray to hold your soaps and shampoo, etc. So, Amazon Pink Marble Tray for $17 is a beautiful solution.

5- Hang a Fancy Light:

To add a more vintage and retro look to your bathroom. So, you can go for brass-made lighting in the center of the bathroom ceiling. You can also add antique-style knick-knacks to your bathroom. Check on Amazon for vintage-style fancy lighting.

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6- Style A Classy Ladder:

Space is the biggest problem in small bathrooms. But no problem. So, we’ve brought you an idea to add more space and style. Add a classy leaning wooden or metallic ladder. Moreover, this can hold your bath towels, clothes, and other hanging items. And saves the space big time. It also is a spacious addition that will not make the bathroom look compact or narrow. In addition, it also gives a trendy and unique outlook. So check out Lazy Susan White Wash Wood Ladder for $60.

7- Install An Open Shelf:

If you have a small and tiny bathroom. And you are having a tough time organizing and storing your essentials in the bathroom. Then no need to worry. Moreover, there is a great storage hack by adding more open shelves. So, you can add a shelf above the sinks, under the mirrors, and above the toilet seats. So, check out Anthropologies Wood Shelf In $48

8- Upgrade Your Waste Basket:

An attractive wastebasket and a complementing tissue box cover spice up your bathroom space so elegantly. So, you can add metallic or cork baskets to add more style and grace. Moreover, there are eco-friendly basket options like jute baskets, bamboo baskets, and wooden baskets. They add a more classy and elegant touch. All of these options are trendy, affordable, and durable. So check out Crate & Barrel Sedona Waste Basket, $25.

9- Buying Modern Bathroom Vanities:

Now in general, renewing your bathroom vanities is no more troubling. So, if you want to add Modern Bathroom Vanities In your bathroom setting. Then you can look at the Kitchen Design Gallery to style your bathroom to the utmost trend. Moreover, the vanities are highly durable, premium quality, trendy designs, multiple colors, and affordable price ranges. So, hurry up, don’t waste your time, and grab your hands on the trendiest yet affordable vanities across the United States. Lastly, you can buy either from the on-site store or online with great delivery and customer service.


In conclusion, bathroom remodeling is a fearful task for most people. Just because of the sky-high prices. So, it is not fearful anymore. In this article, there is a brief detail about styling your bathroom on a really low budget. Prices as low as $100. Moreover, you can buy teak stools, refreshing green plants, wooden ladders, and wastebaskets. All of these items look super trendy and are affordable too. Moreover, you can also buy modern bathroom vanities essentials online by hunting low price stores.

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